Here's what we can do for you

Business consulting

Technology moves forward at breakneck speeds. Every day, new tools are made that can help make your business leaner, faster, and more profitable.

Deciding which of those tools to use is what we do best. We start by learning who you are, what you do, and where you could use a boost. We then work with you to find places where technology can be introduced, helping with efficiency, outreach, sales, and more.

We're not looking to sell you the latest hip programming tools1 or trendy buzzwords2, we're just looking to help you do what you do that much better.

1 We like hip programming tools, we just learn them in our spare time so we can use them appropriatley
2 No one likes buzzwords.

Client-side programming

photoshop html4/5 css2/3 && responsive ? bootstrap javascript ? jquery

We take your designs and bring them to life. First your photoshop file is stripped down to plain HTML and CSS wherever possible. Then we fill in what we can with font icons and sprites to keep your bandwidth low and your CSS reusable. Finally we flesh things out with images and javascript controls, using both only when appropriate.

Throughout the whole process, we take into consideration mobile users, both by implementing a responsive layout and by making sure pages aren't too slow to load. We also make sure the code we write is readable, extensible, and comprehensible by other front-end programmers.

Server-side programming

php | python ? codeigniter | yii | silex | MySQL | PostgreSQL | MongoDB Linux ? AWS Backups && Monitoring

Properly building a backend for your web software is critical. Not only does your code need to be fast and reliable, but it also needs to be able to grow with your company. We make sure to build using modern but well-established tools like PHP5, Python, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Our software is version-controlled and documented from day 1.